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Locker #28

I gotta ask.  What’s with people who are pigs in gym locker rooms?

Seriously, how difficult is it to lift your towel off the floor and place it in a large receptacle  that is typically 10 to 20 feet away?

It begs the question, what happens in your own home?  Does your dropped  terry cloth eventually turn into multicolored floor covering?  Or do your ladies in waiting pick up after you?

Then we’ve got people that treat the actual locker like a mud room/garbage can.  Like this:

I'm scared of what I might find next week.

You see, locker #28 was my favorite at the gym where I go for my personal training.  Its just inside the entrance and enables a quick getaway.  Then long about February, some one stuck their wet boots/street shoes in there and left a few mud spots.  Gross.

Every week, I would check to see if it had been cleaned.  It hadn’t.

I bitched to my personal trainer about Locker #28.  Or I should say “my” locker.  Apparently, he didn’t think it was critical enough to pass the complaint along to management.  Clearly he under estimated my attachment to Locker #28.

Then last week, when I checked, I found gum wrappers in addition to the still-there mud spots.  (Of course, I bitched to my trainer again.  I really don’t go to the gym for personal training.  I pretty much pay him so that I can bitch about anything and everything.  Ain’t that right, Kurt?)

Back to the locker pigs. WTF?!

What will I discover next week?  A miniature crack den?   A deranged cat lady storing kittens there?

Will the neighboring lockers also go bad?  Condemned signs can’t be far behind.

You gotta wonder if these people were raised by wolves and under stalactites.  That would explain the mud, but not necessarily the gum wrappers and towels.

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