In pursuit of ass shrinkage

Yes, you read that right.  Ass shrinkage.  The continuous pursuit of shrinking my ass and other body parts.

You probably refer to it as losing weight or dieting, but I think ass shrinkage has a nice little ring to it.

As a result, I’m always on the lookout for delicious, healthy foods that will help get me to the promised land.  (In case you are wondering, that’s code for a single-digit dress size.)

Truly drool-worthy!

Last week, I stumbled upon one such product at my Whole Foods.  It’s a line of delicious, gluten-free, all natural cookies under the Ginny Bakes brand.  And the “double chocolate happiness” variety was only 60 calories, each.

In fact, these cookies were so good, I decided to visit the website and send an email of praise to Ginny, herself.  I think it’s important to support and encourage entrepreneurs.  Particularly women who take a risk to follow their passion.

She wrote back and as coincidence would have it, she was going to be demo-ing the cookies at my Whole Foods this afternoon.  So, after lunch at my church supporting the annual Greek festival and a pitstop at Bed Bath & Beyond to get credit for a $5 coupon I forgot to bring with me yesterday, I zipped over to Whole Foods.

Ginny and her family were there sampling their line of cookies at two different stations.  (People…this Whole Foods is huge!)

Turns out Ginny is a lovely as her cookies.  (I also should probably mention that the macadamia nut flavor is also a real winner in my book!)

So, folks….if you are in Chicago, pick up a box.  (Also available in New York, Pennsylvania and Florida, with more locations to come shortly.)   Your taste buds…and your ass…will thank you!

Now for my random Sunday night thought.  I just received my bulging electric bill.  Note the gift-giving idea on the envelope.   I can just picture it.  Hi, I was going to bring a great bottle of wine for dinner, but instead I’m giving you a gift certificate toward your electric bill.

Nothing says “thoughtful” than the gift of kilowatts.

Or, congratulations on your graduation.  I was going to give you an iTunes gift card, but instead, I bought you a bucket of kilowatt hours.

That’s about as thoughtful as the person who gave me a used vase as a wedding present.  With old root clumps still in the bottom.

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