Buying dishes is half the battle

Having received a 10% off coupon from Crate & Barrel, I thought that now would be the right time to replace my 20 year old stoneware and flatware.  (Actually, the right time probably would have been three years ago, but a little thing called the recession got in the way.  So what if little stoneware chips took a journey through my intestines.)

Early this afternoon, I drove over to Crate & Barrel to find the dishes that I am likely to be eating off of for the next two decades.   I find a beautiful pattern with an artisan flair.  After selecting a service for eight, I add some companion serving pieces.

Next, I move over to flatware section.  Who knew there was so much to learn about 18/8 and 18/10 stainless steel.  Which is really a combination of nickel and chromium.  They might as well have hung a periodic table over the flatware section.  By the time, I added eight matching butter knives to the order, I knew I was venturing into table setting overkill.  (Mercifully, the pattern did not have a fish knife option.)

Clearly I was exhibiting signs of Crate & Barrel addiction.

Even with that awareness, I couldn’t stop with just dishes and flatware.   I mean, seriously.  Don’t new dishes deserve new placements and napkins?

When they brought out a trolley to transport my purchases to my car, I knew the line had been crossed.  More like obliterated.

Delabeling, washing and storing awaits.

By the time I brought this little stash home, I had chewed through three hours of my life.   And here everything sits until I clear out the old dishes from the cupboards and remove 96 price labels.

Yes, I counted.

And no, I didn’t buy the water at Crate & Barrel.  It finally saw an opportunity to escape from the trunk of my car along with the dishes. (The water hid behind the bread plates and smuggled itself out.)

Yeah, bread plates.  So sue me.

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