So Prince was on my airplane…

…in my dream.  Yeah, that’s right.  In my dream.  It went a little something like this.

I was sitting towards the back of the plane in an aisle seat.  (Don’t ask me where I was flying to.  I couldn’t see my boarding pass in my dream.)  Anyway, toward the end of the flight to who-knows-where, the flight attendant announced that we had a special passenger on board who would be making an appearance shortly.

Whatever.  Bring back the free blanket and hot meals and you’ll get my attention.  A celebrity?  No so much.

So, right before we land, Prince somehow magically appears in the aisle, holding a bouquet of flowers.  He starts walking toward the cockpit.  (If you are named after royalty, apparently the “fasten your seat belt” sign doesn’t apply to you.)

As he passed me, I noticed his hair in the back was shorter than normal.  It troubles me that I even knew that, but hey….this is why people choose me to be on their Trivial Pursuit team.

He very quickly got to the cockpit door, except in this instance, it had been transformed into two tall, white double French doors.  (Hey!  I must have been flying Air France!)

Prince opened them  (apparently waving some magic TSA security wand) and entered the cockpit.  That’s when I woke up and was left pondering why he did that.

Maybe he works part-time for Teleflora?

Here’s what I’ve come up with.

1.  He was about to propose to a pilot.

2.  The only place on the entire plane with a vase was the cockpit.

3.  He thought there was a bathtub in the cockpit and his plan was to pull off the petals from the flowers and throw them in.

4.  He thought there was a bed in the cockpit and his plan was to pull off the petals from the flowers and throw them on top.

5.  He was looking for his raspberry beret and thought he might have left it there.

6.  He wanted to see if purple rain existed above the clouds.

7.  First class wasn’t good enough for him, he wanted pilot class.

8.  He heard that the cockpit is the place they keep all the symbols.

9.  He’s Prince.  He can do whatever he wants.

10.  I need to stop eating late at night.

What’s your guess?

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1 zeeeter { 11.30.11 at 3:04 pm }

I want what Sophia’s on!

2 Nancy Wurtzel { 12.01.11 at 6:34 pm }

Oh, you are VERY funny! Since I now live in Minnesota, I can tell you that they are very proud of their Prince here and I believe that — yes, he can pretty much do what he wants because he is Prince! Keep the posts coming!

3 Sophia { 12.01.11 at 6:46 pm }

Thanks so much. Please Like on FB and keep stopping back.

I loves me some Prince. (I bet he travels with his own purple rain cloud!)