3K thoughts per day. Really?!

I recently read somewhere that humans have 3,000 thoughts per day.

Really?!  Everybody?!

Have you met some of my relatives?!  Ten to 15 thoughts…max.  Seriously.

I’m also pretty sure that half of those thoughts have to do with eating and the other half are about going to the bathroom.  If they are having a cerebrally-heavy day then maybe one or two of those thoughts might be about sex.  But that’s about it.

Who are these 3K people and why don’t I know more of them?  Could they be these people?

Hypochondriacs:  1,000 thoughts/diseases; 1,000 thoughts/cures, 1,000 thoughts/planning funeral services.

Claustrophobics: 3,000 thoughts about how the brain is jammed into a small, tight scary place.

Agoraphobics:   3,000 thoughts about shopping online because leaving the house isn’t an option.

Acrophobics:  2,000 thoughts about tall, scary things; 1,000 thoughts about the sound you will make upon landing after falling from a tall, scary height.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you also have those who flit from one thought to another.  (Unless they are heavily medicated, in which case they just stare.)

All I know is that thinking about thoughts has prevented me from thinking about more important things.  Like what reality show to watch tonight.

The way I see it, trying to keep track of the various relationships on these shows will easily consume 300 thoughts per hour.  (That number shoots to 500 if there’s a cat fight.  The extra 200 thoughts go toward figuring out if someone’s weave is going to get yanked out or not.)

But first, I have to go to the bathroom and figure out what to eat.

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