People of Stuttgart. Start building!

So, after 16 years of driving my current car, I’ve ordered a new one.  A 2012 Mercedes Benz C 300, with a bunch of bells and whistles.

Reminder, the current C280 has been trying to kill me for the past three months with its refusal to blow a shred of cold air into the interior.  You don’t know what misery is until you’ve sat on an Chicago expressway in 110 degree temps.

Driver seat memory and lumbar 4-way lumber power support, here I come.

The bad news is that I have to wait for it.  Apparently none of the cars that have just reached the U.S. have the combination of options that I want.

They tell me it’ll be 30 to 60 days until it makes it appearance in Chicago.  (I hope that’s not like home builder speak, where 30 to 60 days is code for “six months, if you’re lucky.”)  I should have a better idea in a couple of weeks when we get a more precise delivery date from MB headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.

I better have it by Halloween, is all I’m saying.  Check out the sound system.  Cool, right?

In the meantime, the visit to the dealership wasn’t without incident.

Earlier in the week, I received a call from a different dealership telling me the model that I wanted had just arrived.  Through torturous interrogation over the phone, I found out that it hadn’t.  He said he would investigate further and call me back.  That was six days ago.  (Apparently, he has more sales than he knows what to do with because I never heard back.)

Having seen the model/make as “in stock” at another dealership with which I had already been communicating, I called the sales guy.  To protect the guilty, let’s say his name rhymes with Harry.

Me:  Hi.  I understand you’ve got the new C300 luxury sedan in.

‘arry: No, they aren’t here yet.  Probably won’t arrive for another week or two.

Me:  Really?!  Your website says you have one in stock.

‘arry:  No, they are on their way.

Me:  (irritated)  Okay, well something is wrong with this picture ‘arry.  Your website specifically says “in stock.”  You say, you don’t have the car.  Which is it.

‘arry:  I better double check and call you back.

10 minutes later…

‘arry:  You must be psychic.  The car just arrived a few hours ago.

Me:  No ‘arry….not really psychic.  But I can read.  I’d like to come in to test drive the car on Friday.  Will you be there?

‘arry:  Yes. I look forward to seeing you on Friday.

This conversation took place on Wednesday.  On Thursday, I received a pleasant email from ‘arry, letting me know that he was expecting me on Friday.

So, I walk into the dealership at about 2 p.m.  I step up to the information counter where three sales guys were hanging out.  I tell them I have an appointment with ‘arry.

New sales guy Chris:  ‘arry is no longer with our company.

Me:  Okay, that’s funny.  Seriously, where is he.  We have an appointment.

Chris:  No, seriously he is no longer with the company.

Me:  But he sent me an email yesterday.

Chris:  That was an automatically triggered email from his appointment book.  He’s not here.  His last day was Wednesday.

Okay, so according to my calculations, ‘arry hung up the phone with me on Wednesday and then got terminated.  I must have been a boat load of bad luck for the guy.  (But, seriously….he told me he didn’t have a car I wanted to buy.  How lame was that?!)

In the meantime, Chris let me test drive the object of my affection.  And then we sat down to configure and order the new car.

So, there you have it.  Hopefully, my car ordering trauma is behind me and I will have my long-awaited new ride sooner rather than later.

I will keep you posted Rantopolis readers!

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1 Magee { 09.07.11 at 11:52 am }

That’s funny – the ‘arry termination thing!