What not to do with a contact lens

As a long-time wearer of contact lenses, pretty much anything that can happen to a lens, I’ve already experienced.  Here’s a short list of my escapades.

1.  Fallen onto the floor or into the sink/toilet.

2.  Popped out of my eye and onto my cheek.

3.  Rolled up and caught under my eyelid.

4.  Torn as I was trying to remove or insert.

5.  Inserted inverted.  (Painful, do not recommend.)

6.  Small pebble got trapped.  (Even more painful.  Really do not recommend.) That actually resulted in an emergency visit to an ophthalmologist in Vienna.  But I’ll hold back the full story for a future book, titled, “Hospitals and Doctors I Have Visited While Traveling In Foreign Countries.)

Just when I thought I had seen (pun intended) everything, I experienced a new twist earlier today on the “losing the contact lens” theme.

I had just put on my make up and unscrewed the lid to access the right lens.   This is what I found:

Sorry, it's a bit blurry. What did you expect? I'm blind without the lenses.

Apparently, when I removed the lens last night, it didn’t quite make it into the receptacle all the way.  I actually screwed the lid on over half the contact lens.  So, when I unscrewed it, there it was….all nicely threaded onto the side of the case.  The other portion was dangling over the lip, just shy of the saline solution.

Bottom line?  I didn’t have time to open a fresh set, so I wore glasses to Costco.  (Yes, people…Costco.  Again!)

If you must know, this time it was blank DVDs, a huge jar of moisturizer, a pack of Mini Baby Bell cheese and enough Cascade dishwashing powder to last me until Valentine’s Day.

Come back tomorrow when I will be regaling you with what happened at the Mercedes Benz dealership on Friday.

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1 Deb Stevenson { 09.06.11 at 9:50 am }

Glad to know I’m not the only one who has done that 🙂