I don’t need Broadway to see Spiderman

Having a lot of real estate between my high rise windows and the outside world usually means I get a boatload of privacy.  You can run around getting dressed, etc., without worrying that someone is going to peek in.

Except, of course,  when the windows are being washed.

Typing away in my office the other day, I turned my head to see this over my shoulder.  So, of course, I had to reach for the iPhone to snap the picture.

Spidey does windows, too.

I know that sometimes people are startled when they turn around and see a window washer dangling high above the ground.  For me, it’s the other way around.  I get concerned that if I get too close to the window, I’m going to scare the window washer. Even more so, if I’m not wearing makeup.  Which, frankly is most of the time.

Also, because I’m typically dressed in Nike couture.  Usually involving exercise capris and a random T-shirt in the summer months.  I’m not exactly a candidate for the pages of Vogue when I’m occupying my home office.  More like Little Shop of Horrors.

So you can understand my concern about not wanting to frighten window washers right out of their harnesses.  (I’m pretty sure that would constitute an OSHA violation.)

Understandably, I’ve made my office a web cam free zone.  (I had a client ask me recently if I used Skype.  Sure, if you are okay with me adding hair, makeup and wardrobe charges to your monthly invoice then I’m willing to Skype.  Otherwise, not so much.)

So there you have it.  If you are washing my windows, it would be a good idea not to spend to much time looking into my apartment.  It could be hazardous to your health.

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1 Panos { 07.23.11 at 11:23 am }

I’m sure the window washer, Spidey, has seen much already. Might be interesting to hear what he has seen over the years.