Rampant retail folditis disease

So listen.  I’ve had enough.

What is it with retail clerks who apparently have a brain disease which prevents them from properly folding clothes before putting them in a bag?

I know it’s not just me, sisters and brothers.  (Can I hear an amen?)

How many times have you gotten home only to find that your brand new dress or shirt had been more or less wadded up into a ball before being placed into your shopping bag?

Again, I say…what is with these people?!

Seriously.  It’s not like we are having an economic explosion right now.  Usually, there isn’t even anyone in the line behind you.

Would it kill retail people to actually take five more seconds to actually fold the item neatly.  I mean, it usually has creases in it that you could actually follow.   Kind of like a folding paint by numbers.  You would only have to burn through…say, maybe five I.Q. points to execute.

Take this pair of pants which I purchased over the weekend,  for example.

Special crotch wrinkles compliments of Ann Taylor's outlet staff. Lucky me.

Note the neatly pressed vertical creases the manufacturer created.  Also note the horizontal wrinkles that the retail staff thought it would be a great fashion accessory.

I’m middle aged.  Trust me when I tell you, I don’t need additional wrinkles anywhere on my body.

Conversely, over the weekend I watched a clerk at Macy’s lovingly wrap two boxes of women’s Jockey underwear in tissue.  I was so moved, I nearly cried.

So, here’s your warning retail peeps.  If you see me coming, do not even think of doing that pinwheel rolling folding thing with my clothes.

If there is a shred of tissue paper within a 30 mile radius of your counter I expect you to get your hands on it.  I also expect you to lovingly fold my garment along its pre-existing crease marks.  Not the ones you are about to create because you are too busy chatting with your coworker about last night’s date.

Departure from this protocol will necessitate a chat with your manager and a serious negotiation for a further discount.

Oh, and while I’m add it.  Could you please make sure your dressing rooms don’t look like a Greyhound Bus station restroom?

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1 Becky M { 07.07.11 at 6:16 pm }

OMG!!! Major pet peeve!! & stretching the neck to remove the hanger…..every time I see a clerk “roll” my new clothes I get goose bumps!! I worked retail, we folded!