Dog grooming etiquette. Fail.

It never ceases to amaze me what lines of etiquette people don’t think twice about crossing.

Don’t know about you, but I was brought with respect for appropriate behavior.  Like not wearing pajamas to a business meeting or walking barefoot into a grocery store.  I guess I always considered that stuff common sense.  But it’s come to my attention that not all people follow the same rules.

I am also of the opinion that people who clip their finger nails on airplanes should get life imprisonment without the chance of parole.  (How could you ever think it was okay to let parts of you fly across a cabin?!  Were you raised during the Paleolithic Era?)

So, you can imagine my disgust when I ran into Suzy Dog Groomer earlier today.  Exhibit A.

Pile o dog hair next to fire hydrant.

At the corner of my block, I encountered a woman who apparently had just groomed a dog.  On the street corner. In the Gold Coast.  That’s just six different kinds of crazy.

Fido (and I assume) its owner presumably had just left because all that remained was a huge pile of dog hair.  Like the size of a small, thick shag area rug.

Oh, and there was also a basket of clipping tools (blocked by the fire hydrant.)

This was the same block where some irate resident had taped a warning sheet on all of the bicycles padlocked to light poles.

These aren’t bike racks!  I have informed the alderman.  You need to use the bike racks provided by your building.

I can only image the angry fingers slamming on the keyboard and the veins bulging out of some “lady who lunches” neck.  She’d have a stroke if she saw the dog groomer engaged in her craft.

This isn’t a kennel.  It’s a public walkway. You cannot shave dogs here.  I have reported you to the Hair Club for Men, PETA, the Anti-Cruelty Society and Ralston Purina.

Be warned.  If you attempt to cut, trim, clip, etc., something off of a living thing in my presence and you are not standing in a place of business licensed for that purpose, I will stare your ass down.


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