Repair people are super wealthy

That must be it.  All this time, I thought most people that worked with their hands were not as well off as corporate types, but boy was I wrong.  Way wrong.  (I clearly grew up in the wrong blue collar family.)

You see, as a public relations professional, I spend 24/7 trying to make sure that I over service my clients.  I don’t try to deliver good service.  I try to deliver exceptional service.  I realize I have to earn my relationship one project and day at a time.  Especially true in the recession/post-recession era.

Now if I had a ton of “bank,” I could seriously envision becoming a slacker.  Another word for that is retired.

And that’s how I’ve come to the conclusion that the two painters I’m considering hiring must be seriously rich.  They probably live in McMansions in the suburbs.  They may be rockin’ a truck during the week, but on the weekends they take out the Lamborghini and Ferrari out of the triple garage.

Here’s how I know I’m right.

It took painter #1 close to a week to return my call.  Then after coming to look at the job on Friday, he promised that I would have a quote on Monday.  As of today…nothing.  And, I saw him in my building earlier today chit chatting with the manager.  Dressed nicely, I might add.

Painter #1's other car. I guess it didn't come in eggshell.

I’m sure he hasn’t had a chance to pull that quote together for me because he has spent most of the past three days meeting with his financial advisers trying to figure out his position on oil futures. I’m sure he doesn’t have to work.  It’s probably just a hobby.  Yeah, that’s it.

Then we’ve got Painter #2.  He showed a lot of promise in the beginning.  He also came over on Friday and told me I’d have a quote by the next day.  He over delivered by sending me one by 10 p.m. the same day.

Impressive.  I immediately deduced that he was not as rich as painter #1.  He might only be driving a (gasp!) Lexus on the weekend. Makes sense, right?

On Monday, I responded to Painter #2 by email, saying that I accepted his bid and could he call me on Tuesday so we can schedule the job.  I received an email late Tuesday saying that he would call me on Wednesday during a break.

Anyone want to guess?  Yeah.  No call from Painter #2 yet.

On Friday he wasn’t acting rich.  By Tuesday, he was. Perhaps he won the lottery over the weekend.  Perhaps painters are recession proof.  Perhaps I’m the only asshat who actually returns clients calls and emails promptly.

Or perhaps, it would be easier to just live with cracks in the plaster than try to get a return call from a contractor.

If I didn’t have a serious allergy to manual labor and chipped nails, I swear I would take this job on myself.

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