What was I thinking: a photo essay

No doubt about it.  Mother Nature has been pissed off at Chicago this year.

Yet another gloomy weekend.

With the wind howling and the snow blowing…again…I decided this would be a good day to get rid of some old client files and organize tax records.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.

So first I pull the old client files down from the top shelf of the storage closet.

Files, the box that my car's CD changer came in and wine glasses (still in the Crate & Barrel boxes).

After I pulled the boxes down, the shelf looked like this:

Banker boxes had just been pulled down from the top shelf.

Then I had to pull folders out of the filing cabinet and put them into banker boxes, organized by years.

Don't ask about the paper cuts.

Long about this time, I am tired and sore from lifting heavy boxes and moving files around.  Time for a snack!

What I really wanted was about 60 Oreos with a Ben & Jerry's chaser.

Fortified with the grapefruit, it was time for the worse part of the project.  I used a small step stool to lift boxes filed with paper over my head.  Each contained about 50 pounds.  You know I’m not an Olympic weight lifter, right? Did I mention the .217-inches of clearance between the top of the box and the ceiling?

My biceps are now in splints.

Done?  Oh no.  Now it’s time to take the old files on a little trip.

Taking 200 pounds of paper on an elevator ride.

Just so they can end up in a recycling graveyard.

Ba-bye paper. Enjoy your reincarnation.

After hours of heavy lifting, there was only one thing left to do.

Maybe I should have started here first.

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