Kitchen plunged into darkness

My kitchen ceiling light went out last night.  Not fun.

The end result is this:

I swear I paid my electric bill

See the tiny green spots.  Those are the time displays on my microwave and oven—not floating cat eyes.

I don’t know about you, but changing a ceiling light falls under the major project category.  There’s the removal of the glass cover phase, the search and seizure of the right bulb, the installation of said bulb and the replacement of the cover.  Phew.

It’s always fun trying to remember which one of the “clips” has the tension on it and is moveable to allow the glass to be released. I had a contractor tell me once that he always positions the moveable clip to the north so it’s easy to remember.  Or did he say south? Or maybe its something I wished the contractor did and it never happened.  See my dilemma?

Then, when you finally figure out how to remove the glass cover, you now have to play the replacement lamp game. I’m just a teensy bit embarrased to admit that it took three trips to a specialty lighting store a few months ago to get a burned out bathroom lamp replacement handled correctly.

It’s not exactly a confidence builder when the specialists from whom you bought the fixture  do a lot of head scratching.  In fact, in that instance they had to call the chief bulbologist up from the store basement so he could ponder the correct replacement.

“Oh.  I think that might be the EJX3 base.  Unless it’s that other one we used to get from China, but we no longer have.”

Thanks a bunch.  I’ll just keep driving back and forth from here to my condo until we get this right.  Because…you know…I have nothing better to do.

Back in the day, all we baby boomers had were the basic 20-, 40-, 60-, 75- and 100-watt bulbs.  And if you wanted to get fancy, you had a few three-ways.  Now you need  NASA training to be able to identify the right base, bulb, watts, type (halogen, incandescent, energy efficient..whatever).

For example…

I’ve got a special sunlight-mimic-ing long U-shaped bulb on my desk lamp.  I’ve got this bizarre double circle plug-in on the torchier behind me and then I’ve got pin-point spots aimed at the art hanging on my walls.  The last time I needed one of those replaced, Mr. Lamp Dude asked me if I wanted a 30% or a 10% spot.

At that point, what I wanted was a noose and a wobbly ladder.

Now, you may be saying to yourself, is that all the light she has in her kitchen?  Nope.  I do have several under cabinet lights on both sides of the galley kitchen.  The turn-on pad has been placed strategically so that I can tap on it in the dark to switch on the lights.  They are actually three-way, too.

But, I use them infrequently.  Normally only when I need ambiance lighting when I’m entertaining.


Because trying to find replacement bulbs for the under cabinet lighting is likely to require an astrophysics degree from MIT which would mean that I would no longer have enough time to search for the other bulbs.

So, until I can deal with this during the day tomorrow,  it looks like I’m going to be cooking my dinner tonight by the light of an open refrigerator.  If that burns out, too…I’m moving.

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