It’s the little things…

Temps reached the mid-40s today in Chicago and it was sunny.

You woulda thought somebody won the Power Ball.

Jog cam

We Midwesterners are hardy stock.  And we Chicagoans know one two things for certain.  The Cubs haven’t won a World Series in more than a hundred years and that winter is going to suck.  It’s fine if we bitch about it, but the second someone from another part of the country starts in with “I have no idea why you people live there,” we want to beat them upside the head with a deep-dish pizza.

After two months of working out indoors with both a virtual and a real trainer (two different entities.  I haven’t had my psychotic break with reality yet), I am ready to run outdoors.  What better place to jog through than Lincoln Park and the zoo.

Small problem.  With the exception of some sea lions swimming around a huge pool and a lazy polar bear, no visible animals.

My guess?  They are all sitting in a time-share ark in Cozumel.  Somehow the sea lions and the polar bear got unfriended.

Spring can’t come fast enough.  And maybe this year, the Cubs can…..oh, nevermind!

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